Masterminds (In Person and Virtual)

Connect, collaborate and co-create with like-minded, growth-minded people! These masterminds provide a safe space to share the challenges you've been going through, both personally and professionally. Gain the support and feedback you need to adapt, grow and thrive. These masterminds will help bulid your foundation to create clear intentions aligned with your highest self.

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These engaging group experiences will help crystalize your vision, and create a roadmap to get your there! With this newfound clarity and direction, you'll gain more confidence to accelerate your execution and results. It's magic!


"To know we are holding each other's energy in this container of creative support and possibility is very powerful!  
I have done more these last three weeks than I probably had in the last year.  Thank you!" - Kim, Miami Beach

"I thought it was fantastic! As well as the group of people that Joe has surrounded himself with.
I feel I have a complete focus and direction to go in now, thanks to you!" - Judy, Miami

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