Corporate Events

Corporate Wellness/Team Building Events

Joe's corporate events and workshops help owners, managers, and employees lower stress and build resilience to produce optimal results. These events enhance company culture by emphasizing employee wellbeing, effective communication and clear intentions within teams, aligning everyone with the Company's "True North" purpose.

Applying and cultivating empathy is another key component within Joe's workshops. Empathy among team members, strategic partners, and clients will build deeper and more cohesive relationships. This in turn leads to increased profits through an empathetic sales and customer service process. Topics for corporate events include:

• Stress Reduction, Lowering Stress for Employees
• Dispute Resolution Trainings
• Empathy in Sales Training
• Team Building and Team Culture Facilitations
• Helping employees increase their overall wellbeing; both mentally and emotionally.

• Mindset, Goals, Visualizing and Execution Workshops
• Wellness Training - What it Means to be "Mindful in the Workplace"
• How Mindfulness Promotes More Effective Communication
• Ways To Increase Clarity, Focus and Productivity
• Handling pressures/challenges in the workplace better; building resilience.

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Corporate Workshop Testimonial:

"It was awesome! We so appreciated your energy and your ability to hold space to bring out the best in each person. Not just the superficial stuff, but to go deep and dive deep, to get to the core of what we our company is really about. We really appreciated it. Thank you so much!" - Brigit Esselmont, Founder and CEO of Biddy Tarot

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