Testimonial from Kierra:

"I worked with Joe because I knew I had a problem with being my best self, and self sabatoging and procrastinating. And we really got to the root of the issue. That's the most important thing, finding what the root of your fears are. So now I feel so empowered, and I'm just really grateful for your genuine insight. I feel really confident to go out and attack my goals now that I know what the problem is. Knowing the problem is the first step." - Kierra, Miami


"Working with you has truly been a blessing. The internal work I've done, tapping into self care, self love, and letting go of self limiting beleifs has been life-changing. I have a complete focus and direction to go in now, thanks to you!" - Judy, Miami

"Coach, I appreciate the support in this writing journey. The encouragement from you, the accountability group and masterminds helped drive me to the finish line!" - Jeremiah, Miami

Coaching - Work Directly with Joe

Looking for something a bit more personal? Do the deep work through dialogue with Joe, One on One! This is not for everyone. This is only for growth minded people; a select few who are deeply committed to transform their life, personally and/or professionally.

Together, we'll become aware of and unlock some of the blocks that are holding you back from your highest and fullest self. Everything you want is already within you. You have the capacity within to tap into that infinite energy source of abundance. Let's do this!

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