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Joe Metcalfe is the Founder of Joe Metcalfe Consulting, and Miami Beach Masterminds


Joe's Masterminds and workshops will help you build self awareness and "inner Calm and Stillness." This awareness and "quiet mind" is the foundation to create clear intentions aligned with your highest self. These engaging group experiences will crystalize your vision, create a roadmap , and accelerate your confidence, execution, and results. You'll meet and collaborate with exceptional, like minded individuals as well. It's magic!

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Corporate/Team Building Events

Joe's corporate events and workshops range from guided medtitations, stress reduction talks, and visualizations to help owners, managers, and employees build resilience, and be more productive. He also facilitates team building events to align and ingnite company culture and provides strategies for conflict and dispute resolution within companies.

Applying and cultivating empathy is another key component shared in joe's workshops. Empathy within teams, strategic partners and clients build deeper and more cohesive relationships. This in turn leads to increased profits through an empathetic sales and customer service process.

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Joe Metcalfe


Corporate/Team Building Events
Need a boost in motivation for your sales team? Want to connect deeper with your team members? Want improve your company culture and your team's alignment with that culture?  We got you covered!
Engaging conversations on peak performance while letting go of stress. Connect with growth-minded people, colloborate solutions for any challenge you're facing. The "Power of the Mastermind."
1 on 1 Coaching and Consulting
Work directly with Joe, One on One. Performance and Accountability Coaching to increase clarity and productivity in your work and/or personal life. Level up your results in just a few short months!
Guided Meditations and Breathwork
Guided meditations and breathwork exercies provided for companies, teams, and individuals.
Different meditations, visualization exercises, and unique breathwork training to help lower stress and increase performance in your work and daily life!
Virtual Corporate Workshops
Workshops and events are virtual as well! Workshops include empathy in sales training (and customer service), visualizing and creating crystal clear intentions with your team and business goals.
Virtual Wellness Events
Talk on Mindfulness in the workplace, how meditaiton and mindful living creates "inner stillness and space" in our lives to lower stress, be more resilient and ultimately produce better results!
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