About Joe
About Joe Metcalfe

Founder of Joe Metcalfe Consulting and Miami Beach Masterminds

Joe Metcalfe is a Performance Coach with a focus in Corporate Wellness and the Founder of Joe Metcalfe Consulting. He’s also the author of the book, The Inner Peace Experiment.

He’s worked with many companies including Salesforce, Lexus, Club Med, and Virgin, and helped them increase employee and team performance by helping employees lower stress, lift morale and enhance their overall wellbeing to thrive and produce results.

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Joe’s passion is to share with individuals and companies how mindful living, meditation and breathwork can reduce stress and increase wellbeing, and how this can help increase performance, productivity and a company's profits.

Mindfulness and dedicated wellbeing practices have changed Joe’s life in a profound way, both personally and professionally. He wants to share how that’s possible for you and your company too!

About Joe


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